Indian proud to face up to Chinese provocation: US Senator

Indian proud to face up to Chinese provocation

A top U.S. senator lauded the Indian government for standing up in a border dispute against Chinese bullying, hoping that this will inspire other countries to be courageous in handling China. For the past eight weeks, the Indian and Chinese armies have been locked in a tense standoff at east Ladakh.

“I’m very proud of the fact that (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi in India is standing up to them (China). I’m very proud of what Canada is doing. Not every country is running and hiding in the corner,” Republican Senator John Kennedy told Fox News in an interview on Thursday. The United States and the international community have to make it clear to the Chinese Communist Party that we want them to abide by the rules.

“Now you know how many other countries trust China, other than the United States? None, zero, and null. Yet they are terrified. The Chinese economy is second highest. China is using its economic heft to intimidate other nations, and even other parts of the world are afraid to stand up to them, “he said.