Instagram Adds Keyword Based Search Feature To Help Find More Content Without Hashtags

Instagram Adds Keyword Based Search

Popular photo-sharing platform Instagram has introduced keywords based search feature. The new feature will offer users the ability to search for photo and video content using keywords. Until now, users were only able to search for content by hashtags. The keywords based searches, however, will be limited to general interest topics. The keywords can search for topics that are within its community guidelines. It said that the feature is only available for English users. The company has rolled out the feature in six countries including in the United States. This is the first time when the Facebook-owned platform has introduced such a feature to let users find content by keywords.

Search for content only by hashtags left a bunch of unsearchable items. Users could not reach out to a vast content. But by putting keywords, users will now get more photos and videos on the search page. It said that users can now simply write the keywords in the search column rather than prefixing words without space with hashtags. Results will also feature posts that are not tagged specifically with the search word. The company said that it will use machine learning to show the highest quality and relevant content. But it remains unclear how Instagram’s algorithm will determine a post that doesn’t rely on hashtags.

Besides, Instagram has also expanded Guides. This will help users to make it easier to search and share posts, products, and places. They can find Guides on Profile. Users can share them across Stories and in DMs as well. Instagram recently saw two big changes. The company added a Reels tab and a Shop tab. Reels is a new way to create fun and engaging video content on Instagram. The new tab is aimed at making it easier for users to discover video content. It lets users record 15-second videos and share. The Shop tab is aimed at connecting brands and creators. This will help users discover more products.