Internet-linked cars are no longer safe from hacktivists, a group of consumer suggests

internet-linked cars are no longer safe from hacktivists, a group of consumer suggests

In the modern world, technology is rising on every day, and peoples are inclining towards more technologically advanced products. Now a day’s, internet-linked vehicles are in latest trend. These cars are easily operated through a mobile phone or any other computer application. Various facilities are incorporated in this segment such as consumer can control significant parts of the car from their cell phone, including managing AC, starting the engine, GPS, sound system, and many more. This segment of the online linked product also no longer safe from hackers or cybercrime activities. Many whistleblowers have concern for internet-connected cars and considered it as a major national security threat.

Critics suggested the title for this news “kill switch” Why internet-linked cars can be disaster machines and how to stop them. There is a large number of internet-linked cars are already present in the market, but the primary concern of consumer watchdog is exponentially increasing the number of this segment of vehicles in the upcoming period. Major key players announced that they are planning to manufacture the all-new model of cars by 2020 will be with internet linked facility. Critics say if you can operate it online anybody else can control it over the internet and that can be a significant threat for this segment of vehicle.

Whistleblowers argue that road accident, injury, and death could be an increase in the future with the growing number of online linked cars, in the case of an entire fleet-wide hack. If you are driving your vehicle sudden you lost your control on your car due to some malware or hacking activity; it will result in massive collisions on a large scale all over the place. The critics requested state leaders to step in and declare such internet-linked cars are not safe. The group wants the car manufacturers will disconnect the internet link from some of the important parts of the cars. Many car companies stepped forward and confirmed that they are using multiple security layers to protect their cars, including cybersecurity measures in new as well as in redesigned models.