iPhone 12: Apple would not add EarPods in its next releases

iPhone 12 Apple would not add EarPods in its next releases

The new iPhone from Apple has made the industry you are interested in all the new features of the device. In November, the company gave more details of what will be the trend for the rest of the year. Something that has called the intention is Apple’s plan not to include EarPods, wired headphones.

The company that Tim Cook runs would be thinking of ending this tradition and putting the iPhone 12 for sale without the headphones. The reason for this decision? The usage habits of users who use wired headphones less and less and are more inclined to AirPods , wireless headphones.

If it is true, this decision by Apple would bring two possibilities: 1) that the iPhone 12 is cheaper by not including EarPods ; and 2) that the iPhone 12 kept the same price or that it was a little more expensive than the iPhone 11 , but that in return it included some AirPods in the house .Of course, it should be noted that these would not be like the AirPods that can be purchased right now, but would be a cheaper version. For months, it was rumored that Apple was designing a AirPods low cost called AirPods Pro Lite to maintain the original design of the AirPods Pro , but not tended their star feature: cancellation sound.