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iPhone market share fell in Europe by 17% due to Samsung pulls further ahead

iPhone is a smartphone that is designed and marketed by Apple’s mobile iOS operating system software. It is the first choice smartphone all cross the world. iPhone has captured the largest share in the smartphone market, especially in the developed region. However, few brands such as Samsung, Nokia, and other china brand has also influenced the market. Now Apple is launching multiple phones each year, so the best iPhone is not necessarily the newest one. iPhone is extremely expensive; therefore, it is the most choice of the wealthy class population. However, it is reported that iPhone market share has fallen in the European market. Also, at the end of the 2nd quarter apple market fell 17 percent due to the customer preference towards Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones.

According to the new Canalys data, apple shipment fell from US$ 7.7 Mn to 6.4 Mn in the 2nd quarter of 2018, while Samsung shipment rises from US$ 15.3 Mn to 18.3 Mn during the same period. It does not mean Samsung gets more profit as compared to the iPhone due to the price difference. More market share does not always mean more profit. Samsung smartphones are more affordable than Apple phone; therefore, Samsung got much solid spec of customers.

Additionally, Apple has never bothered about market share. When it talk about the area, it actually values profit; apple is customers first preferred smartphone. Apple is relaxed with the shift of market share among other competitors. However, apple stands in third place in the Europe market after Samsung and Huawei. Apple iPhone XR came to the fifth best selling smart device at the end of the quarter with 1.8 Mn shipped unit. The top four performers in Europe market are Samsung Galaxy A50, Samsung Galaxy A40, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, and Samsung Galaxy A20e. These are less expensive than Apple iPhone cost between US$ 200 to US$ 300, whereas apple iPhone XR cost $750. Samsung flew to over 40% European market share in the 2nd quarter.

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