Israeli Ambassador to India said, Corona vaccine we will share with the whole world

Israel has given some relief to the entire world battling the Corona virus. In the midst of ever-increasing deaths and increasing lockdown, Israel has claimed to have developed a vaccine to protect against this deadly epidemic. He has also said that he is now researching its production and will try to prepare it soon.

Israeli Ambassador to India Dr. Ron Malka said that it has not been finalized yet but as soon as it is fully ready, we will share it with this world. On the question of Israel starting a clinical trial for antibodies to the corona virus, Ambassador Dr. Ron Malaka said that the process has not been finalized yet, but we are making progress and are very close to making it. He said that definitely we will share it with the world. Malca said the Corona crisis brought India and Israel closer. Right now both countries are sharing their information and facilities about the corona virus with each other.

Defense Minister Nafatali Bennett claimed on Monday that the country’s Defense Biological Institute has made the corona virus vaccine. He said that the institute has achieved great success in preparing antibodies to corona virus. Bennett said that the development phase of the corona virus vaccine is now complete and researchers are preparing for its patent and mass production