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Legionella bacteria found at seven Chesterfield sites — including three schools and hospital

Health experts found Legionnaires’ disease-causing bacteria at seven sites in the Chesterfield County together with Falling Creek Mid School, Johnston-Willis Hospital and Midlothian Middle School. The number of infected locations has been increasing since Chesterfield officials released last week that the Legionnaires’ disease-causing bacteria was found at Elementary School of Greenfield, a detection that prompted Greenfield school officials to transfer the school’s summer program to Bettie Elementary Weaver School. Mr. Alex Samue, Chesterfield Health District director, said that LP1 strain of Legionnaires’ disease-causing bacteria has also found at Reynolds Metals on Reymet Road, Ice Zone at on Johnston Drive and Defense Supply Center on Jefferson Highway.

Health experts have been scouring locations in Chesterfield County following ten fixed cases of Legionnaires’ disease, such type of pneumonia disease, among citizens in the northeast region of the Chesterfield county over the last two months. Samuel said that the bacteria, which exists naturally in the streams and lake, was found at seven sites in cooling towers. Cooling towers contain warm water. In warm water, bacteria overgrow. The water droplets of the towers can spread bacteria through the air. So Cooling towers are leading source of disease. Four of the locations where the disease-causing bacteria was found are in the eastern part of the Chesterfield county, while the remaining are in the Midlothian. Mr. Alex Samuel said that they have ten cases, which could be growing over the normal condition that they never able to explain.

Chesterfield county school management have been sending the emails to the parents in three schools in past days and weeks, that no staff member or students at three schools have stated becoming sick because of the bacteria, which found in the outside cooling towers. Chesterfield school officials sent an email to Elementary Greenfield School parents saying them that cooling tower there are cleaned and that management hoped the school would reopen in this week. According to health officials, past year, there are 235 infected cases of the Legionnaires’ disease in the Virginia county, associated with the 75 cases in 2010.

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