Major Disappointment for the Fans of GTA 6, As Rockstar Set to Delay launch of Next Grand Theft Auto


Grant Theft Auto 6 is considered one of the most awaited games on the horizon. But the only problem that arises with GTA 6 is that its actual release date is yet not announced. Release of GTA 6 can be on hold as Rockstar, teases with the plan of releasing another blockbuster sequel beforehand. Also, it looks like that the fans have to wait even longer for GTA 6 release date to be out as Rockstar seems to have something else in the works. Thinking about Grant Theft Auto 6 is like dreaming about dinners. You know it is going to happen at some point, but you don’t know when. Also, seeing that Red Dead redemption just rolled onto your consoles last year, it is quite evident that fans have to wait a little longer for this particular dish, to serve.

Despite, GTA 5 launched years ago in 2013, there is no official statement regarding GTA 6 yet. It marks as the longest fans have had to wait for a new mainline entry in the series. Further, according to industry analysts delay could be even longer. According to Jefferies analyst in Alex Giaimo, Grand Theft Auto is not likely to release before April 2021. Rockstar Games have provided plenty of updates onto GTA online and released RDR 2. So, there’s been a lot to keep fans busy. But, since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, all attention has turned to when GTA 6 could launch. This year GTA 6 rumors have escalated, with plenty of significant claims regarding next Grant Theft Auto.

Rumors have claimed that GTA 6 be out in early 2020, and it will be only for next-gen consoles. Claims are that it will be for PS5 exclusively. Rumors also state that GTA 6 could see a return to the vice city and once again can be set in the ’80s.  Further, Rockstar Games has revealed that the release of GTA Casino has seen a surge in the numbers of GTA online players. This recent development that has occurred might lead to a GTA 6 delay. With GTA Casino booming online right now it might lead Rockstar Games to consider focusing on the current GTA game for a longer while.

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