Microsoft Giving New Name to Office Online

microsoft giving new name to office online

Microsoft comes up with a new marketing framework by changing its product name and focusing on web apps. The company is going to rename its Office Online web apps to just Office web apps. Their software makers are now using the new terminology after the company finalizes all changes to its technical and marketing content. These changes are being done as Microsoft are offering access to web apps on more than one platform. Therefore, the company will discontinue the use of “Excel Online” or “Word Online” and name all the web apps simply Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.

However, in future, it may specify the product name of Office for differentiating the web app on Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and web, such as “office for Web”, etc. Since, Microsoft knows about the fact that these simple terms Excel, Word, or Office of multiple products range may create confusion. In addition, Microsoft is now moving forward from the use of platform-specific brand or sub-brands for service or products that are accessible for more than one platform. Earlier, the company plans to change the name of its security product, Windows Defender to Microsoft Defender, and the renaming of Office Online to only “Office” follows the same strategy.

Last year, Microsoft keep its Office apps for Windows 10 on hold, and instead decided to focus on web development on priority. The company is also focusing on the development of a new Fluid Framework. This new framework will help in improving the performance of Office in the web browser, with a text translation, flexible document format, and multi-person collaboration. In addition, it allows users to translate the document text to almost 8 languages at the same time, and it feels like the future of Windows and Office. Microsoft is planning to become more powerful in the future by laying the footprints for these new versions of Office. In the end, the company ensures that changing the name will not affect the quality of the products like SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Office Online Server, Project Online, etc., that is applied to the Office apps only.