Microsoft Urges Users To Update Windows Immediately To Fix Security Issues

microsoft urges users to update windows immediately to fix security issues

Microsoft has issued two back to back security warning to its users and asked them to update once-beloved Internet Explorer immediately. According to the warnings issued by the tech giant, there are critical and important vulnerabilities in the browser that allows malevolent actors to hijack the computers of the user running the outdated program. In other words, those who are still using Internet Explorer should immediately stop doing so. According to the advisory issued by Microsoft, a security flaw in Internet Explorer can allow malicious people to remotely infect a computer. A user can be tricked into clicking on some malicious link in their email which could let the attacker to control the system.

Microsoft has not made the details of the flaw public but said that the vulnerability was under active exploitation. The flaw has affected versions of Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11 and according to a recent data over 7 percent all Internet Explorer users are using affected versions. All supported versions of Windows have been affected by the vulnerability including Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 as well as several Windows Server versions. Microsoft has stated that users can install the patches via Windows Update. The company has also issued a fix for its in-built malware scanner Windows Defender. According to Microsoft, if Windows Defender is exploited by malicious actors, it could trigger a denial of service condition which will ultimately stop its functioning.

It’s rare but not the first time when Microsoft has released emergency security patches outside of its typical monthly patching cycle. The company usually releases security fixes on its so-called Patch Tuesday in the second week of every month. Homeland Security has also issued its own advisory urging affected users to install the patches. Recently, some users complaint of Windows updates breaking and slowing computers resulting in creating a problem for users to install the updates. It must be noted that the security threats come just over a month after the company warned users of Windows 10 because of two potentially wormable vulnerabilities.