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Mr.Jeff Blackburn Decided to Take a Long Leave Will Affect the Company’s Operation

Mr. Jeff Blackburn is a senior vice president and corporate development at Amazon.com. He joined Amazon in 1998, is one of the most senior executives at the organization and close advisor to CEO Mr. Jeff Bezos. He supervises many numbers of businesses, such as Amazon’s video streaming and advertising units. Jeff Blackburn decided to take a long leave with his wife and existing leadership team will be leading everything from the company’s third-party business, to Prime Video, Amazon Studios, Amazon Advertising, and Amazon Music. Blackburn currently having 71,000 Amazon shares with him, which is worth of around US$132.5 Million. Among all the S-team members, AWS CEO Andy Jassy is the one who owns 93,000 shares.

Blackburn’s sabbatical will start in early 2020 till 2021. The leave is given on the basses of his performance in the company as one of the longest-serving executives. Blackburn manages almost everything from acquisitions to advertising and video content. Blackburn was a key in promoting Amazon into the sports deals, getting the streaming rights to the NFL’s Thursday Night Football. According to Andrew Murphy, who is an analyst at Loup Ventures, Blackburn’s presence will be most important in recruiting and planning, and in securing exclusive content rights also that are key factors to the business. Salke is the day-to-day manager of Amazon Studios, but many Hollywood agreements are made through existing connections and Blackburn’s have strong business connections. Blackburn’s move will affect Amazon’s competitive position in the quality content marketplace.

There are many reasons for skepticism and the competitive landscape, Amazon Studios was faced internal setbacks, especially the most notable was the sexual harassment charges in 2017 against Roy Price, who was worked as a head of the content business. Blackburn will not be a part of the video team’s plan for 2020, which will be the very competitive for the industry with Apple, Disney, and Comcast’s NBCUniversal all planned to introduced new video-streaming apps.

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