Nearly One-Third Of American Parents Decide To Ditch Flu Shot For Their Children This Season

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Health experts have recently released a National Poll on Children’s Health. They have found that One-third of parents in the US have planned not to vaccinate their children for the flu this year amid the COVID19 pandemic. Experts inform that parents are negligent about the flu shot despite their children being at the risk of COVID19 infection. On the other hand, two-thirds of American parents think that it is not important to get a flu shot for their children this year. However, health officials have strongly advised people to get their children vaccinated for the flu. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that kids younger than 5 years, and toddlers are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with severe flu-related issues.

The CDC has warned people saying that for everyone getting a flu shot has become more important than ever. The officials fear that the flu season and COVID19 pandemic might collide this year, which will exhaust the health care system and testing capacity. It might as well reduce doctors’ ability to identify and treat both the ailments effectively, said Sarah Clark, the associate director of the poll. Many health experts have advised people to get a flu shot sooner than the end of October 2020. Last year, around 188 children had died due to severe flu infection in the United States. This was an official tally; however, there had been many deaths, which were not reported. As per the CDC, there had been nearly 600 deaths due to influenza during the flu season from 2019 to 2020.

The agency has warned that influenza cannot be taken as lightly as a normal cold. Thousands of children below the age of 5 years are admitted to the hospital each year due to severe flu complications. Symptoms of influenza and COVID19 are quite similar such as dry cough, runny nose, fever, body ache, and sour throat. It becomes difficult for doctors to identify the ailment and treat it effectively. Parents, who have decided not to get their children immunized this year, are those who have ditched the flu shot for their children last year as well. Reports say that such parents have planned to ditch the flu vaccine for their children because they are worried about the side effects of the vaccine.