New Super Lucky’s Tale announces its arrival on Xbox One

New Super Lucky's Tale announces its arrival on Xbox One

During E3 2017, the proposal for the Playful Studios platform game Super Lucky’s Tale was presented at the Microsoft conference . With some criticism on camera among other aspects, the studio announced New Super Lucky’s Tale , which unfortunately remained exclusive to Nintendo Switch. At that time it was said that Xbox One, the console that gave birth to the game, would not see this new version. This did not please many fans, who saw how they would not have the latest version available, and that corrected many of the problems. Now, and by surprise, Playful Studios has announced its arrival on Xbox One .

New Super Lucky’s Tale has new content

Among the improvements that we can find with this new version, we will have totally new levels, the redesign of some old ones and changes in the controls. More specifically, these new controls offer us a better camera experience, one of the biggest criticisms of the original game.In addition, the graphic section of the game and the sound has been improved as well. Light effects, cinematics, user interface and more are the points where we should expect improvements, according to Playful Studios. All these changes are found in a video uploaded by the studio itself.

Regarding the current owners of the original game, the study has already confirmed that they will have to get the title again. New Super Lucky’s Tale is considered a new installment due to all the new content it improves and adds, so they won’t update it for free.There is no announced date for the launch of this game game. From the studio they invite us to be aware of future news, so it is very possible that we will see it in one of the events that takes place this summer.