karenge aur karke rahenge 5 years to achieve our dream India PM Modi

karenge ya marenge

Delhi: On the occasion of 75th Anniversary of Quit India movement PM Narendra Modi mentioned about the duties of every citizen in India to make our India free of corruption, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, malnutrition.He gave half an hour speech in the Parliament regarding the pain, the agony of all freedom fighter which they had come across with during the movement and he conveyed his tributes to all the freedom fighters who participated in Quit India movement under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhiji. Everyone should be inspired by these kinds of movements and it is our primary responsibility to pass on the significance of historical movements and the leaders pains through all these phases to our next generations. It gives immense strength to the nation just by recollecting these kinds of movements.

Remodification of the slogan ‘Karenge Ya Marenge ‘ :

Karenge ya marenge  the slogan was given by Mahatma Gandhiji at the time of Quit India movement which mean “Do or Die”  now this slogan is slightly modified into Karenge aur karke rahenge by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi which mean ” We are going to do it”. He said about struggling of leaders in 1942 to 1947 for bringing the victory and deliverance of India from British ruling. This span of years brought a tremendous transformation in making Independent India. In the same way now coming 5 years are going to create such kind transformative period for wiping out all kinds of social, economic evils from India said by Modi. This could be achieved only when all the people in India utilizing their rights and fulfill their duties.

Modi proposed a slogan called ‘sankalp se siddhi’ which helps to reach our target and he asked we all have to work hard together in a way that makes every freedom fighter should feel proud. Now, this is the right time to show our love for our country and showing the respect on the lives which sacrificed by all fighters. SO all MPs have taken an oath along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on behalf of 125 crore people of India will show their faith in making our nation free of all kinds evils before 2022.

Things need to Eliminate:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi pointed about the things which are becoming barriers and preventing the growth or development of our nation.If we eliminate them we can reach our target, during this process we should not feel any hesitations and we should not cross our way called Non – violence which is the main weapon of Gandhiji was used in the time of freedom movement. The real freedom we will achieve when we eliminate poverty, malnutrition, and bringing awareness to children about having education is one of their top most rights. Modi calls everyone with irrespective of caste, religion, categorizes and gender should cooperate to reach this ambition.Narendra Modi mentioned about the participation of women in movements and he said women play a key role in achieving so many aspects.

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