Weird creatures’ Existence: Interesting to learn.

Weird creatures



It is fascinating to know about unknown weird creatures which live along with us. Most of us feel amazed when we heard about Micro Organisms that we are not able to see with our naked eye which shares space with us in this visible world. We all aware that the space of earth shared by different varieties of weird creatures.Probably we know about very few kinds of animal species. For example, there are 10 quintillions insects. It is difficult to believe the number of insect species present around us. It would be approximately 950,000.

Every year scientists have been discovering 10,000 species of animals. Out of 8.7 million species, less than 15 percent species have been discovered. It seems that 86 percent unknown plant species are present on earth,  yet to know about a lot more uncommon, unique animals species.Worldwide So many familiar species are eradicating from the Earth every day. Then what about the percentage of Eradicating animals among the unknown Existing animals. Now have a glance on some of the Existing weird animals….



Tardigrade is a water dwelling, eight- lobbed, segmented Micro animal. Johann August Ephraim Goeze is the first person who discovered this weirdest creature in 1773. After three years of discovery, this animal was named by Italian biologist Lazzaro Spallanzani. The size of this animal is about between 0.05 millimetres to 1.2mm. It has great surviving skills. Tardigrade can live years without having food and water. It can extremely survive in zero temperatures to the highest boiling point. It can live everywhere.


Yeti crab was discovered by marine biologists in March 2005. The characteristic feature of this crab is its legs are covered with long, pale yellow hairs. It belongs to new Genus called Kiwa. The Strange thing about Yeti crab is it doesn’t have Eyes.

Pink fairy armadillo :

Pink fairy armadillos are nocturnal burrowing mammals.These are smallest species of Armadillos. It is an endemic species and found in grass lands and sandy plains. They have small eyes, silky yellowish white fur and a flexible dorsal shell is present on its body. Small ants and larvae are the primary sources of food for pink fairy armadillo. They also eat worms, snails and different insects. The percentage of these animals are decreasing day by day. Because these pink fairy armadillos are the food for predators like domestic dogs and cats.


Dugongs are water mammals. These water animals are Herbivores. They will live in marine waters like from East Africa to Australia and also in the Indian Ocean, Pacific. Dugongs belong to manatees and they are also related to elephants. Simply they are referred as ‘sea cows’.These are rotund animals and having short paddle like front flippers with a fluke like tail, the body is covered with thick Brownish-grey colour skin. They graze on water plants.

Blob Fish :

Weird creatures

Blob fish is one of the worlds ugliest marine animal. It lives in almost 3000 feet under the water surface. Blob fish inhabitant of deep waters off the coast of Australia and we can find this fish in waters of New  Zealand. It looks like jelly because of flesh. Blob fish is on the list of Endangered species. So all scientists are keepo busy in conservation of these weird animals. It feels lazy to hunt animals for its feeding. So whatever comes towards the blob fish it opens its mouth and consumes it.

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