The other side of Banana: It is not good for Everybody

banana 1

As we all know Banana is one of the world’s popular fruit. Everyone knows how beneficial it is to consume banana. They are highly portable and easy to consume. By consuming it our body gets nutrients which are required by the body. It is nutritious and contains high amounts of fibre and antioxidants. It also protects us from attacking of a different kind of diseases. Though it is a healthy food it is not good for everybody.It is suitable for few people to have it. Especially those who have the below health issues it is better to skip the banana in their diet.


Obese people and those who have more than average weight should not eat the banana. If they consume banana the carbohydrates in it lead to produce more fat in the body. Due to the presence of high calories in it will make you put on weight. So those who already suffer from Obesity should not eat the banana.



Hyperkalemia is a medical term which describes a level of potassium in our blood higher than the normal level. So those who had this condition should not eat the banana. If they consume they have to face heart-related diseases. It increases blood pressure. Always feels tension and anxiety.


Banana contains a high amount of Thiamine. This is not good for those who troubled by a migraine. Since bananas contain vitamin B6 in high amounts, their overconsumption can result in nerve damage.It leads to escalates the headache problem.


If diabetic patients consume banana the sugar levels in their blood increases. It creates a lot of pressure on the liver and kidneys to bring down the sugar levels to normal. So it is better to avoid eating the banana for diabetic patients. Otherwise, they have to face a lot of troubles by increasing sugar levels.


Allergic patients should avoid the banana. Because it causes swelling of the face and other parts of the body. It also causes itching. So it is not the best choice for allergic patients.

Kidney Problems:

Those who are suffering from kidney-related problems it is safe to avoid banana in their diet. Because the potassium in it puts high pressure on the kidneys. It leads to damage the kidneys.

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