Bharat Biotech developed a New Vaccine for Typhoid

Bharat Biotech


Bharat Biotech Ltd (BBL), a vaccine company has announced on Wednesday that the company has got pre-qualification from the World Health Organisation (WHO)  for Typbar TCV or Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine. Receiving pre-qualification from the WHO means it has all the standards which are acceptable and it is safe and the single dose provides 87 Percent protective efficacy against Typhoid. Compared to the older vaccines the new vaccine provides longer immunity from the disease Typhoid. 

World Health Organisation (WHO) has pre-qualified this vaccine and allows for the sale to UN agencies such as UNICEF and Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO) and GAVI-supported countries.

Oxford University Human Challenge Studies has analysed the Typbar TCV and the vaccine is been recommended by the WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunisation (WHO-SAGE), it said.

As per the data by the International Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) estimates in 2016 nearly 12 million people were found with Typhoid fever and as a result of that  130,000 were died worldwide.

As per the sources, Bharat Biotech has spent around  Rs 150 crores to develop the vaccine over the period in return it has received  $40 million from various universities.

Dr Krishna Ella, Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Biotech said that Typbar TCV is the world’s first typhoid vaccine clinically proven and to be given to the children from the age of six months through the common immunization process. The vaccine will be sold at Rs 1500 in India.

Typhoid is spread through contaminated food and water. Typhoid is caused by a bacteria called  Salmonella Typhi (S. Typhi). Fever, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, constipation and sometimes diarrhoea are the symptoms of this disease.

Usually, Typhoid fever lasts for two to four weeks. In the first week of Typhoid, the fever gradually raises and slows down in the last week. Bharat Biotech a Hyderabad based vaccine company has developed a new vaccine for the Typhoid to protect the people from this fever.

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