Blue Whale game: 16 years old commit suicide to finish the Game

  Death Game:

Blue whale, a breath taking Game in its real sense is leading the youth with challenges leading to commit suicide as the final challenge.

A woman in Thiruvananthapuram informed the police about her son, Manoj’s suicidal death. Manoj c Manu, a 16 years old boy hung himself on July 26th to complete the task of the Blue whale game. He was addicted to this deadly game. His mother warned him many times not to play this game. Some times he used to say that he wants to commit suicide or wants to kill someone. These words from him made her so scary about his attitude. There is a drastic change in his behavior from few days before his suicide. Mean time he had once jumped into the river though he did not how to swim. However, he was rescued then. He had downloaded this game in the month of  November. He deleted this blue whale game from his mobile before he took a severe step (suicide).

Suicidal Game – Blue Whale Game:

Along with the time, people’s perspective on different things has been changing. Now in this online generation,  it is very obvious having smart phones in everyone’s hand. Even Present breed children are opting smart phones for playing games which kill their physical strength and welcome many health issues. Now coming to this burning issue the Blue whale game is an internet game. Apparently, it consists a series of tasks for 50 days.  Every day it assigns some tasks to the players. Once the player steps into the game it is difficult to come out of it.  Because this game is designed in such way like it hypnotize the player with its weird tasks. Everyone is screaming at this game because of its dangerous final task. Blue whale game ends up with the final task which challenges and encourages players to commit suicide.

Blue whale

 The brain behind the Mask:

Blue whale

The brain behind this suicidal game is 22 years old Russian Philipp Budeikin. He was arrested in this year and he was confessed and responsible for  17 teenagers suicides which take place in Russia. He said in his statement about the victims that he was  “cleaning the society by wiping out the biological waste (who are urged to kill themselves)”.   He was prisoned for three years. Most of the children and teenagers have been attracting to this game and became slaves to it. There will be a development of abnormal changes in the players.  The players are asked to complete various tasks from watching horror movies to till isolating themselves from the world by committing suicide. It was started in Russia but slowly it is escalating its impact on other countries. In India, the first case was suspected in Mumbai was a 14 years old boy. Some other cases were reported in India, one from Dehradun, and from Pune and another one from West Bengal. But the police did not find any certain evidence for proving as this game is the reason for their deaths.

Step to Ban:

All the parent’s brains are brimming with a lot of thoughts about their children’s future.Somewhere we have to terminate this game from spreading.So all the parents started pressuring the government for banning this game. Though it is difficult to ban it, fortunately, the government has taken an initial step towards this banning process. As a part of this step, all the internet stalwarts like facebook, Instagram, twitter and Whats App are asked by IT Minister’s department. We will play games for entertaining ourselves but it should not at the cost of our precious life. So all the children and teenagers should be aware of the internet games. Before playing the internet games think twice about the Repercussions.

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