Bumper Offer Get Xiaomi Smartphone Rs 1 only


Everone knows that even small companies started showering offers to the customers due to the effect of Jio. So far we have seen the offers which were announced by the companies from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. But this is something like crazy offer recently the Xiaomi company which belongs to China created a sensation in the mobile world by providing smartphone at Rs 1.  Mobile manufacturing company Xiaomi coming up with a special sale as a Diwali offer to attract the customers. Xiaomi conducting this Diwali sale in its partner sites which starts from 27 and ends at 29. Including with this it also conducting MI sale in MI online stores. It is providing an opportunity to get Xiaomi smartphone at Rs 1 to the customers. It also giving concision on other products of Xiaomi.

This Rs 1 flash sale starts every day at 11.00 in the morning and closes at 5.00 in the evening during these sale days. It providing another opportunity to ger other products like Redmi Note 4, Mi Selfie Stick, Redmi 4,  Mi Bluetooth Mini Speaker, Mi Ruter 3C, Redmi 4A, Mi band HRX edition,  Mi capsule earphones, Mi wifi repeater, Mi backpack, Mi VR Play at  Rs 1. In the same way, it also conducting a bid to win sale during the sale days which starts at 2.00 afternoon and closes at 6.00 evening. The sale is also offering Mi power banks at a discounted price.

Xiaomi claims that the Redmi Note 4 will be the most shipped phone in the first quarter this year. Xiaomi is offering Redmi Note 4 at a discounted price during the sale. Including this, on the occasion of the sale, it is giving a huge concision on other products. It also giving discounts on other products starts from minimum Rs 100 to maximum Rs 2,500. During the sale, the newly launched Mi Band HRX Edition will be available at Rs 1,299.

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