Centre plans for Double decker Buses on National Highways

Double- decker buses

New Delhi:

Centre government has the plan to introduce Double-decker buses on National Highways. The government wants to give this responsibility to State Road Transport Undertakings (SRTUs). The 75 such routes identified across states include Delhi-Agra, Delhi-Jaipur, Lucknow-Gorakhpur, Vadodara-Mumbai, Srinagar-Jalandhar, Kozhikode-Kochi, Bengaluru-Mangalore and Vishakhapatnam-Bhubaneswar. Regarding this news already Union road transport minister Nitin Gadkari has already given information to the state transport ministers.

The central government also ready to provide financial support to the SRTUs to encourage this kind of transport. As per the reports first three years they would pay Rs 10 per kilometer. We are facing a lot of traffic issues on the roads because of the increased number of buses. So the reason behind the introducing double-decker buses is these Double-decker buses occupy same space as single-decker buses. Compare to the single-decker buses double-decker buses are highly profitable and also increase capacity. The double-decker buses will be fully air-conditioned.

Recent Traffic surveys say that people lost the interest in traveling by buses. All over the country nearly we have 30,000 kilometers National Highways has shown that the share of bus passenger has been decreasing every day.The range of bus passengers per day has decreased from 45% in 2016 to 40% in 2017. On the other hand, the share of car passengers increased from 55% in 2016 to 60% in this year. If it continues like this we need to expand the road often which is highly expensive.  They want to shift all the car passengers to the bus.So keeping this in mind we are introducing double-decker buses to attract the passengers, said officials. Probably this would be a good solution for controlling the traffic.

All the transport Ministers were asked by the Nitin Gadkari to take measures to end check posts for smooth movement of goods and passenger vehicles. They were also asked to adopt digital payment solutions for this.

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