Colorful 200 new denomination bank notes issued in the Market

New Delhi:For the first time, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued the 200 rupee note into the Market today (August 25th). The new 2oo rupee denomination banknotes are bright yellow in color and very attractive. Bright yellow colored Rs 200 notes in Mahatma Gandhi new series and consisting the signature of Dr.Urjit R. Patel governor of RBI. New denomination note has the picture of Mahatma Gandhi on the front and the motif of Sanchi stupa on the reverse. RBI said that the new 200 rupee note is designed with having geometric pattern aligns, different logos present both front and reverse. These logos and designs will represent and enhance the Indian culture. The new 200 rupees note (66mm x 146mm) smaller than the existing 1oo rupees note (73mm x 177mm).


Twohundred note

The main purpose behind the issuing 200 rupees notes to fulfill the financial depravity. Though we have the new 500 and 2000 rupee notes to fulfill the financial needs, unfortunately, it was not pretty successful. It urges the government for issuing new  200 rupee notes. So this new denomination note can manage the deficiency of denomination currency. With in 48 hours of the announcement by the government, RBI is releasing this new 200 rupee note. All the new denomination notes are in different colors which released after the demonetization.

RBI released new denomination notes in different colors 2000 rupees note in magenta base color, 500 rupee note in gray color. Recently the RBI has issued bright yellow colored 200 rupee note. The notes issued into the market via RBI related branches and banks. Because of the new denomination right now the new 200 rupee notes will not be available at the ATMs. Because of the variations in the note size, the ATM machines need recalibration before disburse the new currency.

India has currency denominations Rs 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 2000. So there will be a denomination gap between Rs 100 and 500. So RBI has introduced this 200 rupee note to fulfill the missing link. Experts called this 200 rupee note is a “Missing Middle”. Introduction of this new note helps to reduce the currency shortage problems.

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