Cows Aadhaar: Central gov plans to spend Rs. 50cr for this unique ID


New Delhi:

Like the 12-digit Aadhaar number for every Indian, the central government is planning to spend Rs 50 crore to assign a unique Aadhaar-like IDs or UID to each of the country’s milk-producing cow. The scheme for linking Aadhaar card to cows was first proposed in the year 2015.

As per the reports, this scheme will be implemented by the Agriculture Ministry. As a part of the scheme in the first schedule, the government will spend 5o crores to cover about 40 million cows. The programme is also known as  Pashu Sanjivini and which was launched under the National Mission on Bovine Productivity.

A dairy department official said to implement the scheme the agriculture ministry has already developed a unique ID technology. The technology is cheap and comes with a tamper-proof polyurethane tag which will have the biological details about the cow such as breed, age, sex, height and special body marks.

The cost of each card will be Rs. 8-10. The Pashu Sanjivni programme is a larger project in the sectors like dairy and fisheries.

The reason behind the project:

The main aim of launching this project is to help the farmers by increasing the production of cattle’s milk and to prevent cattle trafficking.  Setting 2022 as a benchmark to increase farmers’ income. Economists saying that it is not possible for the farmers to achieve the sufficient income because they work on small parcels of land.

In the Union Budget for 2018- 2019 finance minister Arun Jaitley has annunced that many funds released s to develop infrastructure for animal husbandry, fisheries and aquaculture, apart from an artificial insemination drive to improve cattle breeds, to “upgrade” the nation’s cattle population.

About Rs10,000 crore fund for  Fisheries and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development and an Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development. About Rs200 crore for an artificial insemination drive to improve cattle breeds.



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