Dementia risks higher due to lack of good night sleep



According to the recent studies Dementia as a consequence of frequent night sleep disturbances. The other research on this study found that people who tend to sleep more than nine hours have a higher risk of developing dementia. The dementia is an umbrella term which simply referred as a memory loss. Spending less time in REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep when more dreaming occurs is higher the risk of developing dementia. Taking more time to enter into REM sleep is also one of the objectives of developing the Dementia.

dementia 1

What is Dementia:

The main cause of developing dementia is the deterioration of brain cells. The brain is one of the amazing organs of our body. The brain has the capacity to store the memory and use to recollecting the memory.  Dementia mainly shows its impact on brain functioning. Those who have dementia will suffer from the problem called memory loss.

There are different types of dementia disorders. Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, Frontotemporal dementia are some of the dementia disorders. The common dementia is Alzheimer’s disease which we have seen in the people above 60 years. Memory loss, confusion, Anxiousness, difficulty in communicating, paranoia are the symptoms of Alzheimer. Reduction in the percentage of REM sleep associated with this disorder.

There are 5 stages of sleep. In the first stage of sleep, the period of REM ( Rapid Eye Movement) sleep will be less. But the REM sleep escalates with the stages of sleep. In the 5th stage of sleep, the period of REM sleep will be higher when occurring of more dreams takes place. Different stages of sleep may affect the major features of Alzheimer disease. Our studies implicate REM sleep mechanisms as predictors of dementia, said Matthew Pase. Matthew Pase a doctorate student at the Boston University School of Medicine in the United States.

People who sleep nine hours or less than nine hours had the lower risk of developing dementia than the people who slept 10 hours each night.

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