Doctors fight in Operation Theatre : loses New born baby

doctors fight

Two Senior doctors fight in operation Theatre during cesarean surgery on a woman Tuesday. The argument between these two doctors takes place at the Umaid hospital, Jodhpur the biggest city. The whole incident recorded on the mobile by one of the staff members. The purported video by the nursing staff showed that Dr. Ashok Nanival assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecologist arguing with the other Dr. Madhural Lal Tak. The doctors fight lead to a  loud argument and called each other with their names during the surgery in operation Theatre. The fighting led to halting the operation.

The doctors were conducting a high-risk emergency cesarean surgery on a woman. While doing the operation both of them shouting each other. As per the reports, the Dr. Ashok Nanival asked the anesthesias, Dr. Madhural Lal, about whether the patient has taken food or not. This point triggers the issue and Lal Tak responded in an aggressive manner. They kept fighting and it seems that nurse and another doctor trying to stop them and reminding them that operation was on. The superintendent of the hospital said the woman went into the serious condition and shifted to the operation theatre c-section. She lost her baby afterward.

Rajasthan High court demands a report on the doctors’ fight by 2 pm on Wednesday. Dr. Amilal Bhat principal of Dr. SN Medical college and controller of Umaid hospital said that the two doctors were removed as soon as the issue brought into his notice.

The medical education department had taken a serious action on Dr. Ashok Nanival by terminating him from services. But Dr. Bhat said the action will be taken on Dr. Lal Tak by DOP. Dr. Ranajana Sharma said that they were recorded, everyone’s statement who present in the OT during the issue until 1 pm.

The incident which is happened in the Operation Theatre at Umaid hospital is completely unacceptable and terrible.

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