Drinking a cup of Tea increases your creativity, Study reveals


Most of the people start their day freshly and energetically with a cup of tea. Having just a cup of tea is a natural ritual which is helping to start a day in a good mood with an active mind.  A new study has revealed that drinking a cup of tea could boost your mind and increase your creativity.

scientists and professors from the Peking University of China have discovered that drinking a cup of tea can spark an instant boost in creativity by putting people in a good mood. The researchers carried out this experiment on 50 students those who are in the age of 23.

As a part of the research, scientists have conducted two different tests for students. Before the test among the 50 students, half of the students were asked to drink tea and the rest of the students were administrated to drink a glass of water.

In the first task, the students were asked to create an “attractive and creative” building blocks. The second test was they had to come up with a cool name for a new ramen restaurant. The researchers have judged their results based on their creativity and design.

Those who drank tea  scored 6.54 points in the first test meanwhile those who drank water scored 6.03 points. In the second test (name test) the tea drinkers scored 4.11 points and the water drinkers scored  3.78 points.

Though the difference is small between those who drink tea and those who do not consume it but those who drank tea come up with new ideas all the time which tells that this hot beverage boosts divergent thinking.

So that they came to know that drinking tea is more effective than drinking water to cause the effect on the brain to boost creativity and improves overall cognitive function.

As per the research drinking, hot beverage help us to work actively and improves the thinking ability. Although tea contains caffeine and theanine both are increase alertness and attention.


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