Civet coffee- Most Expensive Coffee in India


New Delhi:

India is the third largest coffee producing and exporting country in the Asia. India has started producing most expensive from the poop of civet cat.

Many of us have the habit of starting our day with a tasty coffee. The first thing which comes into our mind to offer our relatives, friends whoever visits our house is coffee. It is loaded Anti oxidants and also activates our brain functioning due to the presence of stimulant called Caffeine.

Have you heard about the most expensive coffee?  This costly coffee will be made in Indonesia. It might be a costly coffee but it is awkward to hear if we know how it made. Because it is made from the feces of the Civet cat. The feces of this cat are collected, processed and sold.The name of the coffee is Civet coffee as it is made from the feces of the Civet cat. It is also called as Lawark coffee.

Like Indonesia India also has started producing this Civet coffee on a small scale in Coorg district Karnataka. They will let the cat consumed coffee beans. They will collect the feces which is excreted after digestion by this cat. Later they will dry this wastage. The coffee powder will be made from this dried feces.

most expensive coffee

Civet coffee -Most expensive:

The Civet coffee is one of the most expensive coffee among the other coffees. It also contains a high concentration of nutrients. This coffee is widely consumed by Europe and Gulf people. Due to the high consumption rate Civet coffee powder is exported to Europe and Gulf countries. It sold for Rs 20,000 to 25,000 in abroad.

In Karnataka, Coorg Consolidated Commodities (CCC), has made a beginning of making Civet coffee powder. Initially, the company was produced 20 kgs of Civet coffee powder. Later 60 kgs of Civet coffee powder was produced in 2015-2016. 200 kgs coffee powder was produced in the last year. The CCC said that they are hoping for a half tonne production after harvesting the new crop in October. It is sold locally in the name of Ainmane at club Mahindra Madikeri Resort where it sells locally produced coffee.

Now Farmers also understanding the importance of this coffee. Unlike other countries, we are producing it in natural form. But in other countries Civet cats are caged and fed them forcefully with the coffee bean. Locally it is being sold at Rs 8,000 where it is available at Rs 20,00-25,000 in abroad.

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