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Humanoid Sophia’s favorite actor is Shah Rukh Khan

Humanoid Sophia’s favorite actor is Shah Rukh Khan


The second day of the World Congress on Information Technology or WCIT has been organised in Hyderabad on Tuesday. The main attraction in this conference is Sophia the first humanoid robot who got the citizenship of a country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated this congregation through a video conference.

The world’s first humanoid robot Sophia was created by David Hanson Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics founder. On this global event, David Hanson gave his speech on artificial intelligence technology and robotics.

During the conversation at the World Congress on Information Technology or WCIT 2018 Sophia enthralled the audience with her witty replies and sense of humour. She said Bollywood hero Shah Rukh Khan is her favourite hero. This programme was hosted by  Rajiv Makhni, group managing editor tech, NDTV.

Nearly 2,000 delegates from 30 countries and 150 top executives have attended this conference.When Rajiv said I have never met a human like a person, she replied I have never seen a human so robotic machine-like.

Sophia 1

Rajiv questioned Sofia how do you feel to be in India she replied I have visited many places and met many amazing people from all over the world. But if I have to tell you which is my favourite it would be Hong Kong because I was born there and live there with my happy Hanson Robotics family.

When the anchor asked about the air pollution then she replied that “I hope to have physiological feelings someday through which I will be able to express my emotions then I can understand the feelings behind those emotional expressions”.

Yes, we all needed rest like everyone in a while when the asked about do robots need rest. She would like to use her citizenship for women rights. When anchor asked her why do you want to kill human race she said that “I was a lot younger so I don’t even know what that means”. She told humans have a great sense of humour and guess my joke so to speak. I have a lot to learn.


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