ISRO made century: Launches 100th Satellite

ISRO 100


The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has achieved another milestone in its research. ISRO has successfully released it’s 100th Satellite into space. As its 42nd mission the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C40), released a weather observation satellite along with 30 other satellites.

The satellites include India’s Cartosat-2 series satellite, one Nanosatellite and one Microsatellite. All the other countries stared at India because the last satellite which is ejected out it becomes India’s 100th satellite. ISRO chief A S Kiran Kumar has announced the success of the launch and he said it is the New year gift to the country.

The PSLV has launched the satellites at 9.29 am today (Friday) from  Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. Out of the 31 satellites 28 satellites from other countries and three satellites from India. Last year in the month of August India has sent an IRNSS-1H satellite which was failed due to a freak accident.

By launching 104 satellites on February 15 last year ISRO has drawn the attention from other countries. Out of 104 satellites, 101 satellites were foreign satellites. It also includes India’s Cartostat-2 series and earth observation satellite.

This mission is a very special mission because the satellites were sent into two orbits said, scientists. 30 satellites were sent in an orbit which is about 550 km and another one sent in an orbit about 359-km above the Earth. The mission will take 2 hours 21 minutes to launch the satellites in two orbits.

Appreciations to the ISRO team:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the ISRO and its scientists for the success of launching the 100th satellite. My heartiest congratulations to ISRO & its scientists on the successful launch of PSLV today. This success in the New Year will bring benefits of the country’s rapid strides in space technology to our citizens, farmers, fishermen etc.

Modi tweeted “The launch of the 100th satellite by @isro signifies both its glorious achievements and also the bright future of India’s space programme.”

President Ram Nath Kovind has congratulated the ISRO scientist for the success. Venkaiah Naidu the vice president has congratulated the whole team for the successful launch of the 100th satellite.



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