New 1000 rupee note is getting ready for its re-entry

RBI image

As per the reports soon Reserve Bank of India will be going to issue 1000 rupee bank notes. In recent times RBI already released new 200 rupee denomination notes to fill the gap between 100 rupee and 500 rupee notes. Issuing 200 rupee note by RBI gives a bit relief for the people. According to the reports, RBI wants to bring new 1000 rupee into the circulation by December 2017. It is an essential point to make a bridge between existing 500 rupee notes and 2000 rupee note. To fill this wide gap RBI is ready to bring 1000 rupee notes into the market. RBI ought to launch 1000 rupee note with new feature and new designs.

1000 rupee note

According to the reports Reserve Bank of India soon plans for printing new 1000 rupee note with security features and new designs. Introduction of 1000 rupee note, news completely contradicts the announcement made by the Shaktikanta Das in the month of February. Shaktikanta Das, a joint secretary in Departement of Economic affairs, Ministry of Finance said that there is no necessity of launching 1000 rupee note. On that note RBI yet to make an official statement on issuing 1000 rupee bank notes. To form an efficient financial system government is preparing to release new notes.

As per the National Media reports finally, RBI is planning to print Rs 1000 notes at the printing press, Mysore. Mysore and Salboni printing presses preparing to press new Rs 1000 notes with new security features and designs. Last week RBI issued denomination of new 200 rupee notes to fulfill the financial depravity. Right away the 200 rupee notes will not available at the ATMs. New 200 rupee notes are bright yellow in color with Motif Sanchi Stupa. New 200 rupee denomination notes filling the gap between 100 rupee note and 500 rupee note. In the same way, RBI decides to fill the huge gap between Rs 500 and Rs 2ooo notes. The main aspect behind issuing new Rs 1000 note is to reduce the currency problems.

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