Technology that reads your mind… Be alert


Mind reading technology: Everyone says that it’s not easy to read the mind of others. But ISRO scientists are busy in the work which disproves this old saying and discovering a technology that reads your mind. Finding whats going on our mind would be possible through a modern technology, ISRO said. ISRO chairman Dr. A.S. Kiran Kumar said that we are very close to the days of achieving to others mind. The brain is one of the most powerful organs of our body. The brain is the organ which operates a lot of functions of the whole body. It has the capacity to store a lot of information and have the ability to recollect the memories.

Whatever the research is going on this project giving satisfactory results. This technology not only helps to read our mind but it also helps to know different changes which occur in our body. Every child born with scientific thoughts but the circumstances around the child would impact on the development of scientific thoughts.

Most of the parents evading themselves from answering the questions which posed by their children. It kills their curiosity about knowing new things. Parents should encourage their children by giving answers patiently which creates enthusiasm in the children to develop scientific skills. Nowadays children are addicted to the smart phones and computers which lead to destroying the natural abilities which hidden in them. If it continues the children will find difficult to know about their mother tongue.

A. S. Kiran Kumar said that days are very soon to read the mind of other through modern technology. It is always interesting to know about others but we should think about the repercussions. This technology is also useful to know about the different changes which take place in our body. It helps to know more about our body

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