Unbelievable benefits of Spirulina : Alternative to Mother’s Milk


It might be a strange thing to hear that there is an alternate source for Mother’s Milk.That alternative source of nutrition is Spirulina. The one and only food we get that which is pure and not polluted and contaminated is Mothers Milk. Mother’s Milk is the best and primary source of nutrition for a new born baby. The nutrient which we get through Mother’s Milk can’t found in any other source of food. But in recent discoveries, the scientists found that Spirulina leaves contains an equal amount of nutrients which we get through Mother’s breast feeding. So it’s time to have a glance on amazing benefits of Spirulina.


Spirulina represents a biomass of cyanobacteria (blue green algae). There are two species are Anthrospira platensis and Anthrospira maxima. It is nutrient-rich, supplementary diet. Dried spirulina contains all essential amino acids, 5% of water, 24% carbohydrates, 8% of fat and more than 60% of proteins. But it’s considered as a source of vitamin B12. It contains other vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin B-6. It is a good source of Iron, magnesium, chromium.


Benefits of Spirulina:

Spirulina leaf powder has an incredibly high concentration of calcium which is 26 times more than the normal Milk contains. This calcium strengthens the bones. As it is rich proteinous food contains nearly 60% of proteins. It is the best proteinous food amongst the other protein sources. For vegetarians it the best source for protein. Even it is good for those who consume meat. Because we know that protein is one of the very important nutrients which is required by our body. Proteins help in building our body and repairs damaged cells and help in the growth of new tissues.

Cleans blood:

It contains ample of amino acids, iron, Anti-oxidants, and chlorophyll which are needed by our body. As it contains chlorophyll it helps in the process of cleaning blood and improves resistance power.It removes the waste substances from our body. It also helps us to escape from different kinds of cancers.

Weight reducing agent:

The bad cholesterol in the blood can be removed by consuming spirulina.  It is the best option for those who want to reduce their weight because it melts extra fat of our body.

Controls sugar levels:

Those who are suffering from Diabetes it is best to use spirulina. Because it controls the sugar levels in the blood. It cleans the liver.

Good for heart and digestive system:

It is very good for the heart. It protects us from getting heart-related diseases by taking spirulina. It improves the digestion process. It helps us to recover from the most of the digestive problems. It also activates our hormones for proper functioning.

Powerful Anti oxidants:

Anti oxidants play an important role in our body. These Anti oxidants protect our cells from damage. Spirulina contains beta carotenes, high amount of Iron and rich in anti oxidants.

Recently WHO (world health organization ) listed this spirulina in the category of food items which contain nutrients equivalent to the nutrients present in Mother’s Milk. Spirulina is available in the markets in the form tablets and powder.

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