Venkaiah Naidu felicitates Rajamouli with ANR award.

venkaiah Naidu


Vice President Venkaiah Naidu presents a Prestigious ANR award to the filmmaker Rajamouli.  He presents this award to Rajamouli in the presence of honorable Chief Minister K.C.R. on Sunday. Venkaiah Naidu said felicitation is to provide inspiration to others. We should make films not only for Entertainment but to inspire people. Venkaiah Naidu said, all the film directors should make message oriented films. Movies should be made which project the all the angles of life. He said cinema became a part of our lifestyle. It is the cheapest Entertainment. FIlms influences and attracts all the category of people.

Cinema is the cheapest Entertainment. FIlms influences and attracts all the category of people.  Venkaiah stated Rajamouli is one of the innovative, creative, and inspiring filmmakers. Rajamouli films make feel happy and proud of India cinema. Rajamouli made the whole world to glance at our Indian films with his magical creation Baahubali. It is a cherishable Movement for me to present this award to Rajamouli. Rajamouli is an absolutely deserving candidate to this award because he is a Bahubali, said Venkaiah. Our country producing more than 1600 films every year.

Support for Mothertongue:

Our children should enjoy the taste of Mothertongue. Music, poetry, Movies gives life to the language. Language needs the support of government for its survival.Venkaiah mentioned about the importance and value of Mothertongue in his speech. He appreciated the KCR about his passion towards the development of Telugu Language.

Telangana C.M.:

Telangana Chief Minister K.C.R also present at this function. He recalled the contribution of ANR to Telugu film industry. I watched Bahubali first in Hindi, and then in Telugu, the second time. So many will dare to do many things but very few will succeed. Definitely, Rajamouli deserves this award.


Rajamouli said I do not deserve to this prestigious award. This award gives power and wings to fly. I fell it is a huge burden on my shoulders. But this award reminds me to work harder. I will certainly continue to work harder and try to be worthy of this award started by great ANR.


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