Vijaypat Singhania-Love your child but not Blindly

No one can defeat time:

No one can escape from the time. Everyone has to bend their knees in front of the time for its unpredictable lessons. One more name is added to the list is Mr. Vijay Singhania. Mr. Singhania is the founder of Raymond ” The Complete Man” and known as the richest person in our country. He is in battle with his son Gauta, He is a live example for all the parents that we should not love our children blindly. Everyone felt he is having a luxurious life but it was broken as soon as when we glance at him in Mumbai High court. He went to the court to file a petition against his son Gautam Singhania. Two years ago he handed over his property more than 1000 crores to his son, who is now refusing to look after at his father. Mr. Vijapat Singhania is in great financial crisis.

Mr.Singhania said in the court that his son is not willing to give his possession of a flat in the upscale 36- storey JK House on Malabar Hill, Mumbai. According to the agreement Vijaypat Singhania, Veena Devi wife of Ajaypat Singhania brother of Singhania and her sons would get duplex each in JK house.

Singhania present living in a rented house, and his son has refused to give money for his livelihood which is Rs 7 lakh per month.

Veenadevi and her sons filed a separate petition in Mumbai High court for their share.


NO one is exceptional, from poorer to richer all will sail in the same boat when they step into enjoying the irreplaceable last days of their life. Certain incidents make us believe that we all have a common ancestor.  On that note, we can find a similitude with flying living creatures like birds. For example, the young ones of birds when they came to know that they can fly in the air and can survive without their nurturers. Even humans also inclined to do the same thing with their parents. Though we all living in a strong notion that we are the advanced version of creatures. Unfortunately the richest person of our country VIjaypat Singhania is entangled in a legal conflict with his son Gautam Singhania.

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