Worlds smallest Doctor smallest surgical Robot by UK Scientists

surgical robot

London: UK scientists have created a Worlds smallest surgical robot with low cost-technology which is used in mobiles and space industry. This surgical robot emulates human arm and it was titled as versus. Instead of open surgeries just by making the simple cut, we can finish surgeries by using this robot. With the help of this magical robot, we can perform various laparoscopic procedures like hernia repairs, colorectal operations, prostate and nose, ear surgeries. Another additional benefit of using this robot is we can control the heavy or excess bleeding while doing the operation which is quite normal in general traditional surgeries. It also helps in reducing the pain in patients after surgery.

From a converted pig shed Cambridgeshire countryside, a team of  100 scientists and engineers have used low-cost technology originally developed for mobile phones and space industries to develop first robotic arm.This robot is guided by a surgeon and he can control it through a 3D screen in operation theatre. Surgical robots are may not new in the medical history. But this robot was developed with new technology and mimics human harm. It is much easier to use. It can be used to carry out a  wide range of Laparoscopic procedures. It can be easily adapted to other types of surgeries. The creators of this robot said that they will make the robot to think independently by placing some electronic devices of mobile in it. This robot also built with using gearbox from the vehicles which help it to move.As it emulates human arm it is very comfortable for the surgeon to operate on patients.  The chief executive of Medical robots Martin Frost said that the launching of this revolutionary surgical robot would be in the next year.

Scientists are kept them busy in inventing different technologies in various streams. In Medical history, the invention of this robot will create a new revolution. To sustain the life and to save lives these kinds of creations really helpful.

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