Obama criticizes Trump administration for handling Covid-19


Former US President Barack Obama criticized his successor Donald Trump for the second time in a week for his way of dealing with the corona virus crisis. He said the epidemic shows that many officials are “not even pretending to be in charge.” Obama criticized the way he dealt with the Corona virus crisis without naming Trump. A week earlier, Obama had privately criticized the administration.

 It is noteworthy that about 88 thousand people have died due to Corona virus in the US so far, which is the highest in the cases of Kovid-19 deaths in any one country of the world. America’s highest 14. 6 lakh people are infected with the corona virus. Addressing online the graduates of dozens of historically black colleges and universities, Obama said that Kovid-19 put the failure of the country’s leadership in front of everyone. He said, “This epidemic has completely removed the veil from the fact that many in-charge officers know what they are doing.” Many of them are not even pretending to be in charge.

“Obama said,” If the world gets better, it will be because of you. “Notably, White House press secretary Kayle McKenney called President Trump on Saturday Underlining the actions of, he said that during the epidemic of corona virus, extraordinary initiatives have saved lives. Obama said late Saturday at the Graduate Together program, “You know, All the adults you consider in charge and know what they do do not have answers to all the questions. Many of them are not even asking the right questions. “Significantly, Obama was the first African-American President of America. He also underscored the impact of the corona virus epidemic on blacks. Obama tweeted last week, “the biggest political crime of all time in US history.”