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Hector Faulkner :- Sr. Writer
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Hector experience in the business industry has helped get the knack of how things happen in the world of business, but what keeps him going is the enthusiasm itself. He
would not spend a day without taking a look at the business page of popular reporting across the globe. at

Mary Hare :- Writer

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A Freaky person, not interacting much with himself only, but shares knowledge more than the expectations. An expertise in Business Technologies for over 6 years, ready to
solve any sort of query or problem related to his business sector. Most of the time you’ll find this person deepen into his lappy with big fat glasses, browsing one or the
other things. You can get in touch with him hereat

Sharon :- Editor
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An industrial background person who has an experience of more than 5 years, right now leading the team. An expert in the field of Science and Technology. A helping person
with leadership quality, assisting his team in getting the work done and target achieved. In his spare time, he likes to keep himself involved in the events going around
related to his fieldat

Thomas Ratzlaff :- Sr. Editor
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Showing-off a huge interest in the field of the healthcare industry, Thomas has been dedicatedly working in the healthcare sector as well medical for last 8 years. His
specialty lies in analyzing in-depth information, and comprehensive articles related to medical devices, connected devices, all pertaining to healthcare IT and
biotechnological studies.at