Ozzy Osbourne still alive thanks to a genetic mutation in DNA

ozzy osbourne still alive thanks to a genetic mutation in dna

Ozzy Osbourne, an English singer, an actor who is still going great in spite of heavy alcohol and drug exploitation in the past. The scientists are curious to know what genes kept the rocker alive at the age of 70. Biologists discovered a mutation in Ozzy that gives high acceptance against drugs and alcohol. ‘Ozzy is indeed a mutant’ said by biologist Bill Sullivan in his new book called Pleased To Meet Me.

In the book, Sullivan said that gene variants could affect out sexual attraction, love of coffee, candy, and even political likings. Because of mutations and genetic variations, the actor managed to live through an extreme lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. While speaking to orange county register last year, the actor said that he doesn’t drink alcohol now nor smoke. Also, he quits the use of drugs and living a healthy life. The actor tells how he thought that to have fun; he used to go to the bar and doing cocaine. He added saying he doesn’t like to make new year resolutions, just hoping God will stay him alive. This year the star went through numerous health issues causing a delay in his farewell tour. In recent months while living in his home at Los Angeles, Ozzy suffered a fall resulting in hospitalization. He was getting better from pneumonia at that time. The actor said how angry, depressed, and frustrated he is feeling because not going for the tour.

He is forced to reschedule tour dates due to health issues more often. Ozzy consumed a lot of alcohol, cocaine, antidepressants, LSD, hash, and spent numerous periods in rehab. To treat dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, he often used drugs. Ozzy feeling very grateful for the support, love he is getting from the friends, family, his band that keeps him going. He announced that he is getting better day by day and sooner will finish tour deadlines.