Rivian, supported by Amazon, ‘steals’ Tesla employees in order to copy its big advantage

Rivian, supported by Amazon, 'steals' Tesla employees in order to copy its big advantage

In recent months, Rivian has reportedly ‘booked’ a large number of Tesla staff, with the intention of copying the best Tesla has: the charger network. The major barrier to using an electric car is simply to recharge it; unlike a conventional vehicle, it is not as convenient to locate a charging point as a gas station, even less so in Spain. It is something which manufacturers understand only now. Of course except for Tesla. One of the pillars of its plan to switch to electricity is precisely its charger network, which in Europe and Spain is even expanding. In this way, a Tesla’s buyer is more assured he can recharge it on long journeys.

It is a tactic whose importance is now evident, but was not in its day. Manufacturers believed that other initiatives, public and private, would take care of the chargers; It is now that they are discovering how difficult it is to sell electric cars without available chargers.
The one that has understood it is Rivian, an American startup that has received the support of large companies such as Amazon or Ford. And that support has allowed him to start hiring employees who were at Tesla, precisely with the aim of creating his own charger network.

Employees who switched sides would include some of those behind the design, manufacture and installation of Tesla chargers; they would have been responsible for the network’s great growth, with over 1,900 stations and 17,000 chargers installed in 37 countries’ car parks. Rivian now wants to do something similar to make his next electric cars more appealing. Such chargers will be part of the ‘Rivian Adventure Network’ as Electrek leaked. The word ‘adventure’ comes as Rivian will be the first to install charging points in parks, camping areas and other places; hence, they hope to cater to a form of driver who likes to spend the weekends in nature.