Samsung is ready to stun everyone with the launch of Galaxy Note 10

samsung is ready to stun everyone with the launch of galaxy note 10

Galaxy S series phones are powerful phones. However, two aspects are holding them back. First one is the fingerprint reader who has a lot of accuracy issues, which makes it difficult to use. Also, camera technology is far behind Huawei and Google. S10 5G series of Samsung galaxy is costly. Also, the chipset which is used in it is obsolete. In spite of this, Samsung has another chance to fascinate consumers. With the release of Note 10, which will have Samsung’s best components and software. This will be Samsung’s most advanced device which will be focused on power users.

An important feature of Note 10 will be its huge battery and storage capacity. Point of discussion was the competency of Samsung with another manufacturer like Google and Huawei. Having said this, Samsung’s new Note, ten will give incredibly low light photo, which will change the buyer’s mind. Galaxy phone’s designs are pretty old. Samsung always has made the placement of its camera differently every year. But the curved shape of the phone is old and stale.

With news changes coming in place, Samsung should focus on its screen. It should be easy to use as its currently being used by the stylus. Also one more drawback with its edge panel software. However, the accuracy of stylus might help. Galaxy S Series’ in-screen fingerprint doesn’t work well. People have to take three to four attempts to unlock the galaxy S10. Google has already announced that its Pixel 4 will have features at par with an iPhone like secure face unlock. Galaxy S10 clicks awesome pictures; however, it’s no longer at the top of the chart where it has to compete with Google Pixel 3 and Huawei P30 Pro series. Samsung has added new features in its top-selling Note series. Note 9 has added the feature of Bluetooth competency which will allow the user to take pictures by using S pen. In the coming days, everyone will be eager to see what’s in the box of Galaxy Note 10.