Sennheiser is willing to use its audio expertise in order to develop in-car Ambeo system


Sennheiser is popular audio brand working with a luxury automotive manufacturer Karma Automotive in order to create an advance in-car audio system. The company – Sennheiser will offer its microphone and loudspeaker technology in this project. This Ambeo sound system can be used for listening to music and taking phone calls in drive. Ambeo Soundbar brand was introduced in CES 2018. It impressed by its 3D sound virtualization technology. This deal is to bring same concept to the car audio. This is an unexpected choice on the other hand it could improve experience of listening to audio while driving. This technology can receive audio signal from any type source. Also, even if it’s not 3D audio, and it can turn it into an immersive 3D playback.

This system can be used in multi-channel speaker system as well as in subwoofer. This can create a good quality audio experience for the passengers and the driver. In addition, seat headrests have been combined into speaker system. Moreover, this system has two microphone arrays in order to offer clear phone conversations. Audio levels and sources are managed using convenient graphical user interface. This allows passengers and driver to personalize sound according to their own preferences. The interface allows user to determine preferred degree of immersiveness, and position within sound stage.

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor company. The company provide electroacoustic products, services, and solutions. The company offers various headphones through its product line. It includes on ear, earbuds, around ear, running and sport, among others. The company also offers TV, wireless home entertainment, and assistive listening products. Sennheiser serves customers across the globe. The company is involved in supporting technically for shows including MTV Europe and The Brits, among others. Sennheiser also offers aviation headsets, audiology, and translation systems. Sennheiser engineers are working hard from more than two years on developing in order to fine-tune AMBEO technology for automotive sector.

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