Seven Indian meters now record 1,000 new cases of coronavirus daily

1,000 new cases of coronavirus

From Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai’s three metropolises getting among the world’s worst daily new cases of coronavirus, India is now in a situation where seven major cities have new cases at record rates. Six Indian cities the three worst affected on Friday, July 3, and for the day Thane, Hyderabad and Pune reported more than 1,000 cases. A seventh Bengaluru with 994 cases came closing. Among them, these seven cities constitute more than half of India’s combined total, and accounted for almost 12,000 new cases, or more than half of all new cases registered on Friday.

Capital Delhi registered the highest among Indian cities on Friday 2 520 new cases. But while Delhi and Mumbai seem to see more than 1,000 cases a day as part of a slowing or stabilizing pattern, the others see these figures as part of either a rising or, in the case of Hyderabad and Bengaluru, the start of an overturn. Of the seven worst-affected cities, cases in Bengaluru rise the fastest, where they double every three days, followed by Hyderabad (8 days). Cases grow slowest in Mumbai (42 days), then in Delhi (24 days), where they slow down even further.

But while testing data for each city is not available, big cities tend to corner the majority of tests conducted by a state. Tamil Nadu has tested the most people (12.7 lakh), but Telangana has both the fewest tests (1.04 lakh) and highest positivity rate, with one in five tests turning positive. In contrast, Karnataka still has a low test positivity rate, where less than 3 per cent of its relatively few tests are coming out positive.