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Study says E-Cigarettes can change blood vessels after a single-use

The new research has found that the chemicals in e-cigarettes can have the worst impact on blood vessel function in healthy individuals. The research found that the e-cigarette heat converts the compounds into poisonous particles that harm a person’s blood vessels. The scientists became unable to determine which chemicals are liable for causing a decrease in blood flow. The scientists have done MRIs of 31 individuals who only smoke e-cigarettes but never smoke conventional cigarettes before. It had noticed that after smoking, they contained 16 three-second medications on the Vape pen, which reduced blood flow to the femoral artery by 17.5% as well as their blood vessels contracted by 34%. They warned that e-cigarettes are not as secure as many individuals claim.

“Electronic cigarettes promoted as harmless, and many users of an e-cigarette assured that they are only gasping water vapor,” said Dr. Alessandra Caporale, lead research author. “However, solvents, additives, and flavorings in the liquid medium after vaping can cause multiple exposures to the blood vessels and respiratory tract.” Although the blood returned to normal after evaporation, the scientists were concerned about the lasting effects on the cardiovascular health of individuals. “I will inform young folks not to start using e-cigarettes. It widely believed that nicotine that occurred in cigarettes is much toxic, but we find it dangerous and not dependent on nicotine,” said by Dr. Felix Wehrl, who is one of the principal investigators of the study.

Dr. Robert Jackler, the founder of Stanford Research Tobacco Company, said at a congressional hearing last month “No one knows that its effect on human lungs is to inhale and aspirate atomized propylene glycol and glycerol again and again. It is just an experiment,” He said that some of the chemicals used in the flavors and fragrance industry might be safe when it consumed through the intestine, but we even don’t know how they will affect the lungs for a long time. Jackler also said, “There is no doubt that vaping is safer than traditional smoking as per my opinion but that doesn’t mean it’s safe.”

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