Study Shows Excessive Junk Food Leads To Blindness

According to a case study, a teenage boy in UK suffered blindness due to his poor eating habits. It is said that the boy was a “fussy” eater, and use to eat a lot of junk food like white bread, chips and processed meat. He had a very poor diet due to which he had a vitamin B12 deficiency. He also suffered from anemia. After complaining about the same, the doctors prescribed him vitamin b12 shots and a proper nutritional food diet.

The boy at the age of 14, did visit his regular doctor, where he complained about fatigue. But otherwise he was healthy and was not taking any medicines, but he had also called himself as “fussy” eater where his 80% diet was on junk food. After a year, his hearing weakened, and then he again visited another doctor. He was also prescribed some test where it did not show any signs of blindness or hearing. By the next two years, his condition got more worst and his vision started getting more worst.  The time he saw an ophthalmologist he was diagnosed with damage in his eyes nerves. Again after taking some tests it was showing that deficiency of vitamin B12. Further after revelation it was seen that the boy could not avoid certain food items like bread, meat, etc. and he had also stopped taking his injections. Further the diagnosis revealed that had deficiency of copper, vitamin D, and selenium too and his bones did get weak because of low mineral efficiency.

These all deficiencies caused the boy for his impartial blindness and hearing loss. Many people call themselves picky eaters, but such eating habits can lead to such disorders. The boy’s habits were quite extreme and harmful that even the vitamin B12 shots did not work for him. With his nutritional supplements, he was referred to treat with mental counseling for his eating habits. Though his vision did not get worse, surely his eyesight did not improve either.