The United States Is All Set To Witness An Unsustainable Third Peak Of The COVID19 Pandemic

Third Peak Of The COVID19 Pandemic

Experts have reported that states like Texas, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands have recorded low numbers of the COVID19 cases in the last two weeks. However, the US may be going to face a third peak of the pandemic in the coming times. Although these states have recorded a slight decline in the number of the COVID19 cases, other 38 states including Washington DC and Guam have recorded a spike in the cases in the last 14 days. Missouri has not reported the data related to fresh COVID19 cases due to some technical issues. Experts have said that health authorities are doing a commendable job, however, the pandemic is reaching a point where it will become completely unsustainable.

States like Vermont and New Mexico have been dealing with a spike of 117 percent for the last two weeks. The director of the Telehealth Infectious Disease Program at Utah, Dr. Todd Vento has said that the health authorities are struggling to control the situation. Last week, thousands of people have come together for Trump’s rally. Many of the attendees of the rally have been without a mask. The state health officials have urged people that they should avoid attending such gatherings. States, which have not released the data, have recorded at least 3681 new COVID19 cases. As per the report, in North Dakota, four percent of residents have been infected with COVID19 since March. The majority of these cases have surfaced in the last two weeks only. North and South Dakota lead the chart in weekly virus cases per capita in the US. In these states, intensive care units are flooded with new cases. As per the latest data released by the North Dakota Health Department, there are only 16 ICU open beds in the state.

States, that do not have mask mandate, have advised people to cover their faces. Authorities have said that every individual should contribute to control the rapidly rising cases in the country. There has been a slight decrease in the cases in Texas in the last two weeks. Nevertheless, the state has more than 860000 COVID19 cases. It has recorded nearly 175000 deaths due to the pandemic. Despite the state has shown a positive trend, the health officials have deployed additional assets to the Panhandle and the south plains to help the hospitals.