The world’s fastest supercomputer is ready to fight Corona

The world's fastest supercomputer is ready to fight Corona

Many types of research are going on around the world on a large scale about the corona virus. From making the vaccine to how the virus is spreading and how it started, research is going on to find out all these things. Meanwhile, the world’s fastest supercomputer Fugaku has also been installed for research related to the corona virus. It belongs to Japan and recently it has overtaken IBM’s Summit Supercomputer to become number-1. Japan currently has the world’s fastest supercomputer and it is being used for research related to corona virus treatment and outbreaks. Significantly, this super computer named Fugaku is faster than super computers all over the world.

Fugaku is at number one in the list of top-500 supercomputers. It has been prepared jointly by the Japanese company Fujistu and the Government Research Institute Riken. The second is IBM’s supercomputer named Summit. Talking about the speed of the Fugaku supercomputer which is being used for research related to Corona wire treatment, it can do 4.15 lakh trillion computations in a second. Fugaku is 2.5 times faster than IBM’s Summit supercomputer.

Earlier, IBM’s Summit Supercomputer was at number-1 for four consecutive times, but now Fugaku has left it behind. At present, research related to COVID-19 has been started from Fugaku. Next year, this supercomputer will be completely optional and then this machine will be worth researching about the possible treatment of corona wire. This supercomputer is of the size of a room and together with Fujistu, the government institute has prepared it in about 6 years.