To uncover uncontrolled asthma new biomarker may help

to uncover uncontrolled asthma new biomarker may help

Approximately 10 percent of the population from Sweden suffers from asthma. Peoples pay almost SEK 30 billion each year in the treatment of this disease. On a global level, more than hundred million people have asthma. There are many countries where significant degree of mortality is due to asthma. The development of current treatment principles and treatments there are now patients who growing number of such severe asthma that they are not helped by the drugs they receive. This situation is called as uncontrolled asthma. Therefore, researchers are continuing to study the basic disease mechanisms.

As per newly published study, from Karolinska Institute a Professor Anders Lindén and his research team with Professor Leif Bjermers and his research team at Lund University, has inspected the existence of the cytokine interleukin(IL)-26 in adults patients having asthma. The work is a continuance of previous studies into IL-26. Anders Lindén’s research TEAM prove that higher levels of local IL-26 in the airways is in some of the children with uncontrolled asthma. The present results show matches between children and adults. On average there are considerably higher levels of local IL-26 in airways in the group of subjects with uncontrolled asthma. This is as compared to subjects with controlled asthma. This conclusion is clear. Both patients are being treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. With the anti-inflammatory drugs bronchodilators are also used. This is based on the most recent global guidelines.

As per the experimental findings, could be understood as a general increase of local IL-26 as importance of uncontrolled asthma. That is in fact has a caring effect against asthma infection. The generally as compared to healthy person’s long-term cortisone treatment is required for low patient. This is majority of patients with asthma receive. New investigation results show that IL-26 a useful biomarker for severe/uncontrolled asthma in children as well as adults. The IL-26 a valuable goal for new medication treatment still permits further study, according to Anders Lindén.