UN agencies issued guidelines to open schools with security



The United Nations agencies have warned of the unexpected threat to the education and welfare of children due to the widespread closure of educational institutions and issued guidelines for reopening schools. Schools are closed due to Kovid-19 infection in most countries around the world.

According to the guidelines formulated by UNESCO, UNICEF, World Bank and World Food Program, national and local authorities should decide to reopen the school keeping in mind the overall deliberations in the interest and public health of children and this education , Should be based on an assessment of the benefits and risks associated with public health and socio-economic factors.

The guidelines state that there is not enough evidence yet to assess the impact of school closures on infection, but about the safety of children and the side effects of school closures in their learning. There is written evidence.  According to UNESCO estimates, more than 154 crore children have been badly affected by the closure of educational institutions worldwide amid the Kovid-19 infection.

Disadvantages to the education of children of disadvantaged sections
The guidelines said, “Due to the widespread closure of educational institutions due to the global epidemic of Kovid-19, there is an unforeseen threat to the education and welfare of the children of the most deprived sections, who are in their schools for their education.” Depend on It states, “The children of the most vulnerable sections are the most affected due to school closures, and we know from earlier crises that the more days they will be kept out of school, the more they are expected to return to school.” Will decrease.

A UNESCO representative said that the guidelines for opening the school outlined the priorities for assessing the readiness of schools.