US Secretary of State said – China is a threat to the country, will fight even further than Corona

Donald Trump says on Corona

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called China a threat to America. He has said that the fight with China will not be limited to just Coronavirus, it is long-lasting. Mike Pompeo has said that China is a threat to every democratic country that loves independence. Communist Super Power is expanding internationally.

US has also criticized the World Health Organization on this issue. The US had alleged that the World Health Organization is making a China-centric policy. After this, the US also stopped funding of the World Health Organization. Last month, Mike Pompeo accused China that the Communist Party there did not adopt a transparent policy on the corona virus. He did not share samples of the corona virus with the US, making it difficult to stop the epidemic.

On Friday, China admitted that it had destroyed the initial samples of the corona virus. But he said that it was done in terms of biosafety. This month, Mike Pompeo said that there is a lot of evidence that the corona virus infection spread from Wuhan’s laboratory. US President Donald Trump has also been attacking China for hiding information about the corona virus. He also said that Corona’s infection spread from Wuhan’s laboratory all over the world. He said that as a response to the pandemic, he would stake a claim of $ 1 trillion on China.