When the astronaut travels to Mars, they will not be able to carry everything that is needed to survive on the red planet. We do not have any technology that will help us to take all the logistics along with the crew members. NASA is planning to send all the materials in prior that are essential to survive in the red planet before the astronaut lands. One of the most important resources we need on the red planet is water. We need to reach the spot where we can spot and then plan the landing nearby. Geophysical research letter has published a map of traces of water ice beneath the dusty surface.

Since years Rovers are trying to find out water and traces of past life on the planet. Orbiters are capturing images from the outer orbit to study in-depth before we send our astronaut to Mars. Sylvian Piqueux, the study author at NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory, said that many ice traces are trapped beneath. They are trying to find all the traces of ice. This study will make it easy to decide the place of landing the astronaut. 3.5 billion years ago, Mars was a warmer planet that could have possibly sustained life and water before something changed, and the red planet lost its atmosphere. At present, only a thin layer of atmosphere exists, which allows only water vapor to pass outside. If water were present on the surface, it would evaporate immediately. But the ice is formed beneath the surface near the poles, which is captured by orbiters.

In 2008, NASA’s Phoenix lander scrapped to confirm that it was water ice. Odyssey orbiter’s Gamma Ray Spectrometer was used by the researcher to gather information where the ice could be found. Like the Moon, there mare many places on Mars that are not hospitable to the astronauts due to less temperature like the pol