100 years Old Cake: Still remains so Fresh

100 years old cake

Cape Adare: Antarctica Heritage trust researchers recently found a Fruit cake which is covered by snow in Cape Adare of East Antarctica. Researchers thought the cake was left here by some one in recent times. But the shocking fact they discovered when they try to find the age of the cake by dating method. Some surprising facts came out during this research process. This cake had a lot of history because it is 100 years old cake, the shocking matter is still the cake is so fresh like recently prepared one. Researchers thought this cake would be made in between the year of 1910-1913. It was preserved in a box which is almost in bad condition. But the cake itself looks fresh and smells good.

100 years old cake

Nowadays no one is celebrating their occasions without cake, it is a part and parcel of every memorable occasion like birthdays, marriages, anniversaries..etc. The cake has a great history from Greeks to Romans. As a part of tradition Christians when they cook a cake for that year they will separate some slice of baked cake and preserve it for next year Christmas celebrations. They will add this last year preserved cake slice in present cake mix flour. They believe that by adding preserved cake slice will enhance the taste and flavor of the cake. If one-year-old cake will amplify the taste now we can imagine how the 100 years old Fruit cake test would be? We all aware of preserving wine for many days will increase its taste day by day on that note we can implement this statement to the cake the older it becomes the Fruit cake taste increases day by day. Now those who think about wine taste improves when the days pass on they should have a glance on this cake.

What Makes the Cake remains Fresh:

East Antarctica Heritage trust group discovered the Fruit cake in Cape Adare which baked during the period between 1910-1913. This cake preserved in a box and left here by Terra Nova crew Expedition of 1910-1913. Robert Falcon Scott led this Expedition group. The box which is used for preserving this cake was made by Huntley and Palmers in Britain.The saddest thing is  Terra Nova group members have died during their return journey. Finding 100 years old cake is may not be an interesting topic for all of us but after these many years this cake is suitable for consumption, this point creates interest in researchers to do more research on this cake. Coming to the reasons behind the freshness of this 100 years old cake is the climatic condition of the East America is one of the main factor help in keeping the cake fresh and avoiding the spoilage.


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